Tucia API

This API was created to let users and partners add Tucia functionality to their own projects in easy ways. With the API, you are able to order and retrieve Tucia's photo editing services from your own system. This is especially useful for resellers who have their own websites and outsource the real service to Tucia.

You can upload photos, place orders, retrieve latest order status, add comments, review edited photos and submit revisions with the API.

Step 1. Create a Tucia account

You need to create a Tucia account before using Tucia API. Login here if you already have one.

Step 2. Generate API keys

When you logged in, visit this page again and you will see how to generate API keys and set up callback URL at this area.

Step 3. Integrate with your system

All calls to the API are via REST style HTTP requests and response is in JSON format. See our growing list of API Methods and callback instructions.

For each API method, we provide example code (in PHP) and example responses. We use understandable concepts and it's very easy to plug into your own system.